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For geeks, the media and other interested parties!


Where possible, the content here is founded on strong evidence from:

  • straightforward, clear and logical explanations derived from facts, use of rational arguments, along with transparent mathematics and assumptions, and the base principals of physics, heat and electricity

  • my own experiences, measurements, and observations, many drawn from domestic energy efficiency surveys (which included thermal imaging), as well as those of like-minded knowledgeable people

  • recommendations or consensus views of industry experts or expert groups

  • external links to credible sources of information

My assumption with this information is not that everyone reading this takes on board every insight or recommendation as some of the suggestions only give small benefits. By laying out the information as I have done, I am seeking to support a broader educational goal.

Having said that, my view is that for good energy efficiency, the devil IS in the detail and creating societal momentum in new behaviours.  Focusing on a number of small, easy changes, even when the benefits are limited, is part of changing mindsets and behaviours: in time, this all adds up to a useful saving.


Energy efficiency is not an exact science, is complex in many areas and is very circumstance dependent. Despite having significant knowledge of energy efficiency in homes, I am very conscious that this is a learning journey for us all.  I try to inform myself and analyse this agenda to the best of my ability but am not perfect.  I therefore welcome constructive feedback on the information published here, including ideas for improvement, as well as additional data, evidence or suggestions of collaboration. 

I would like to put on record my thanks to  the following people: Tim Jones , Janik Waites, Lyn Brown, Steve Watts and Colm Watling.   I have learnt from, and had so much encouragement from  them in the course of putting this information together. I have also greatly valued the help of many of them proofreading, sense checking and helping shape the content.  

I am completely independent and impartial with no commercial relationship with any company or organisation.  Apart from a very nominal fee for some of my public talks I give my time to this agenda on a purely voluntary basis.

Content is © 2022 Mark Thompson - please feel free to use ANY content on here but please attribute it directly to

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