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Mark Thompson

An energy efficiency expert who is passionate about engaging the public in energy, de-mything and de-fearing it and the changes that decarbonisation will bring
Professional background

After studying physics and electronics at university, I spent my career in engineering, innovation and technology development, across a range of sectors.  For a decade before my retirement in 2020, I focussed solely on supporting the development of energy technologies that accelerate the move away from fossil fuels; I spent the last five years working in the Government’s Innovate UK organisation, as Head of Energy and in senior low carbon sector roles.


Long term personal interests in energy efficiency

I have undertaken two major eco house refurbishments, one on my own 1950s detached house in 2009, and on a family member’s 1960s bungalow in 2013.  Both projects involved installing heat pumps, both solar hot water and photovoltaic systems, as well as extensive heat loss measures.  One project included heat recovery ventilation.

For over a decade I have owned a professional standard thermal-imaging camera, and am professionally trained in its operation.  I use it as a hobby to provide informal, free surveys in the local community and extend my knowledge of buildings, how their occupants use and understanding of energy.


Post work activities on decarbonisation and energy efficiency

I recently conducted thirty energy efficiency surveys (for free) for householders in the Northwich area.  These covered such things as thermal imaging, use of heating controls, and the behaviours and habits in the home that affect energy use.


I have delivered fifty public talks to the public on a range of different climate change and decarbonisation subjects, with a total cumulative audience of approximately 2000 people.  Talks are typically one hour long, plus Q+A.  One of my most popular talks is dedicated solely to energy efficiency in the home.  

See my videos and podcasts for streamable content including recent appearances on local radio answering listeners questions on home energy.

In December I will be delivering home-energy awareness and education workshops to staff for a large Cheshire employer (on an entirely voluntary basis).


I also give talks on de-mything electric vehicles and another specifically on misinformation about climate change and decarbonisation, how to spot it and how to deal with it.


I am a regular contributor of evidenced-based content on social media to relevant environmental and energy efficiency interest groups, such as the Facebook Energy Saving Tips group.

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