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Videos and webinars

"Heat in homes" - Scibar evening event in Manchester - Oct 2023

This 90 minute recording consists of my talk on heat in homes. lasting around 60 minutes followed by a long Q and A session with the audience at the end.

It covers a wide range of subjects:

  • How humans feel warmth/comfort

  • Why underfloor heating is "so efficient"

  • How to use thermostatic radiator valves

  • Many simple tips on things you can do a little differently in a home to improve comfort and save money

  • Some tips on how to keep a home cooler in hot weather

  • Ventilation

  • Q+A on all sorts of things including heat pumps

We had some fun too!


Home energy-efficiency interview - Radio Northwich - 11th Nov 22

This is a recording of a current affairs programme where I responded to listeners questions on air. Total run time is around 40 minutes.

Many subjects are covered covered including

  • Condensation and damp

  • Showering costs and how to reduce them

  • A-G Energy Efficiency labels explained

  • How to keep control of costs using electric heaters

  • A range of heating system questions


Home energy interview podcast with Cheshire West and Chester Council - Nov 2022

Total run time is 11 minutes. This specifically covers what are known as vampire devices, electrical items using energy without actually doing much for you.

It helps you understand how to work out which actually the main culprits.


Home energy interview podcast with Cheshire West and Chester Council - Sept 2022

Total run time is 17 minutes. Subjects covered:

  • Are candles cost effective?

  • Should I leave the heating on if I have pets?

  • Is leaving the heating on low all the time the lowest cost way of heating my home?


Home energy-efficiency feature - Radio Northwich - 23rd Sept 22

  • Are you mystified by how a thermostatic radiator valves work and keen to hear tips on how it can save you money?

  • Have you heard something in the media about boiler settings that can easily improve boiler efficiency?

  • Which is the most efficient, cooking on a hob or in the microwave?

All these and many more subjects are explained here with many facts, tips and insights that are either new, or not well known. It takes questions from listeners in the home energy efficiency slot on this very recent consumer affairs show.

Total run time 35 minutes


Eco Communities free webinar on heat in homes - Nov 21

  • Do you know the factors that actually affect how humans feel comfort, and the simplest and cheapest ways get the comfort need?

  • Are you curious to know why underfloor heating more efficient than radiators?

  • Have you heard something about heat pumps and hydrogen boilers and are interested in knowing more about them?

This fun and engaging webinar is full of new and less well known facts and insights about heat in the home. It isn't just about loft insulation I promise (though it is obviously mentioned!).

Total run time 1 hour 15 including Q&A at the end.


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Mark Thompson

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